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Officials: New technology may help 20-year-old cold case investigation

Investigators working on a cold case in Rock County may have a new lead after two decades thanks to some new technology. A man died in the mid-90s, but officials still have not been able to identify him. The man was found near a creek in the town of Bradford, and investigators have not been able to determine his identity or even his age. But 20 years later, detectives think they may be one step closer. “This is one of the nuggets of this whole puzzle that may eventually help the whole puzzle come together,” Rock County Detective Warren Yoerger said. John Doe’s remains were found in November 1995 by Turtle Creek. Investigators estimate his body had been there a year before they found him. Yoerger, who has been investigating the case for the past eight years, said varying sketches may have also made it more difficult to identify the man. “There’s not a lot of similarities between the two photographs,” Yoerger said. Nothing was found at the scene other than a couple pieces of clothing, a pendant and a single shoe, but Yoerger hopes new technology will help give them more information on John Doe’s identity. “Using that weather data along with historic weather data to come up with an estimate of the minimum amount of time that those skeletal remains would have had to been there to decompose to the condition they are in,” Yoerger said. “When he decomposed, all the tissue when into the ground and by digging into the ground and obtaining samples we are hoping to get additional information from that,” Lou Smit, Rock County’s acting coroner, said. Neighbors in the area said they might have seen a man fitting the description stumbling in the same creek where the body was found a year later. Throughout the years, the unknown man has been referred to as River Man, and those investigating the case believe the two men are one in the same. “The most perplexing thing about this case is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone looking for this guy,” Smit said. “You have to start wondering what happened.” Smit said the coroner’s office has performed two autopsies and eliminated more than 100 people who could potentially be John Doe, but investigators are still missing the biggest puzzle piece of all. “I have to believe that somebody out there is missing this John Doe person, and hopefully we can somehow find that right person,” Yoerger said. Investigators are hoping that this new weather data, which will record the temperature and humidity from the area, will be able to confirm that River Man and John Doe are the same person. That data will be collected by the coroner’s office this weekend.

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 01:16:46 GMT

Deputy married inmate he?s accused of sexually assaulting

A former Dane County deputy has married the inmate he’s accused of sexually assaulting. Jeff Hilgers was in court Wednesday on charges of second-degree sexual assault for starting a relationship with an inmate when she was out on electronic monitoring. The criminal complaint said Hilgers was the deputy assigned to the Dane County Jail unit where a 43-year-old Madison woman was an inmate. The woman was released from jail but was on an electronic monitoring program when she and Hilgers allegedly began a sexual relationship after seeing each other in a grocery store. The woman was an inmate during six weeks of the alleged relationship. Hilgers is also charged with eight counts of possessing child porn. During the investigation, officers found images of child pornography on computers in Hilgers' home, according to a criminal complaint. There were 44 files that reportedly contained child pornography. Hilgers resigned before an administrative hearing scheduled for Aug. 14, 2013, Dane County officials said. His preliminary hearing was continued until next month.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 02:21:21 GMT

Video of Wis., NY priests' dance-off goes viral

A video of two priests engaged in a hearty dance-off has gone viral. The Rev. David Rider, 29, of Hyde Park, New York, and the Rev. John Gibson, 28, of Milwaukee, are American priests studying in Rome. They first shot to Internet fame when they were filmed dancing in April during a fundraiser at the North American College. Rider's specialty is tap, while Gibson's is Irish dance. Embedded video

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 02:03:22 GMT

Ice cream driver attacked after truck hits, kills kid

A driver of an ice cream truck was attacked by residents after he hit and killed a 7-year-old boy riding a motorized bike. The Associated Press reports that the truck struck the child in a South Los Angeles neighborhood shortly after 7 p.m. Wednesday, and he later died at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, said a Los Angeles police spokeswoman. The accident was unintentional, as the child had been riding alongside the ice cream truck when he was hit, police said. The crowd then attacked the driver,. The driver told police that bricks were thrown at his truck and someone threatened him with a knife. Officials said the driver will not be charged.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:23:16 GMT

Lovesick woman spends week mourning at KFC

Forget the wine and chick flicks. A Chinese woman spent an entire week in mourning at a local KFC after being dumped by her boyfriend recently, according to Yahoo News. Tan Shen, 26, decided she needed some fried comfort food to get over her ex, and stopped at a KFC near a train station by her home in Chengdu. But after chilling for a bit, Shen decided to stay at the restaurant the entire week because she "needed some time to think," Yahoo reported. She even phoned in sick to work. "I didn’t want to go back to my apartment because it was full of memories of him. So I stayed," Shen said. After a few days, KFC employees started to get a little worried. But because she wasn't doing anyone harm, they let her stay. Shen decided to leave once local media began reporting on her stay. "I guess we kind of miss her," KFC worker Jiang Li Lung told Yahoo. "It certainly made work more interesting."

Published: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 20:50:08 GMT


Published: Tue, 10 May 2011 13:51:57 GMT

Details released behind resignation of MPD officer

Madison police officials released details behind the resignation of an officer Thursday. Jason Johnson resigned earlier this month after 11 years with the department. An investigation shows Johnson kept his police-issued gun sight at his home along with several items that belonged to other officers. The department issued five violations against Johnson, and he agreed to quit the force. Johnson also faced domestic abuse and harassment allegations in Rock County, but the district attorney declined to file charges.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 23:06:09 GMT

Wis. man claims $1M Powerball prize

A Wisconsin man says he has no plans yet how to spend a $1 million Powerball prize. Robert Bogard of Stanley claimed his winnings Thursday. But Bogard admitted he has no particular plans on how to spend the money. The Leader-Telegram reports the 57-year-old paid his truck off and plans to buy an enclosed trailer for his four-wheeler, but is undecided about how to spend the rest. Bogard says eventually he might buy some property, but he'll take it "one day at a time." Bogard appeared at a news conference with Wisconsin Lottery officials at Stanley Travel Stop, where he bought the $1 million winning ticket in Saturday's Powerball drawing. Bogard will receive about $673,000 after taxes.

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 00:52:09 GMT

5 kids injured in bus crash

Five students were injured when the bus they were riding in collided with a truck Wednesday morning, according to a release from Monroe police. Police said the bus driven by Brandi B. Filsinger, 37, of Monroe, collided with a truck driven by a 54-year-old Monroe man who was slowing to make a right turn at 17th Street and Highway 69 at 7:59 a.m. Two 10-year-old girls, a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl were treated at the scene for minor injuries. A 14-year-old boy was taken to a hospital. Seventeen other passengers were not injured, according to police. Filsinger was cited on suspicion of following too closely.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:44:33 GMT

Burglars mistaken for helpful movers

Two men who someone thought were loading a TV into a car to help their neighbors were really burglars who also took guns, jewelry and cash. Madison police said a resident in the 2800 block of Warner Lane returned home Monday afternoon to find the front door kicked in and the house burglarized. The thieves were driving a gold-colored 4-door sedan, possibly a Toyota Camry, according to police. Both men are described as black and in their mid-to-late 30s. One had a larger build, shoulder-length dreadlocks and was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and jeans. The other had short hair and was wearing a skull cap, dark hooded sweatshirt and jeans. Anyone with information about the break-in is asked to call Madison Area Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 17:01:31 GMT

2 Beltline construction projects nearing completion

Two road construction projects tying up Beltline traffic should be finished soon. Officials with Wisconsin Department of Transportation said they hope the projects will be wrapped up in November. One Beltline project stretches from Fish Hatchery Road to the interstate. DOT officials said crews are replacing six miles of concrete and making repairs to five bridges. The old pavement was 25 years old. DOT officials hope the new concrete will last at least 12 years. This project started in April and the DOT hopes to finish it by early November. The second project is on the Beltline from Midvale Road to University Avenue. Road crews are installing a noise wall, widening ramps and doing some electrical work. DOT officials said work is mostly complete with an end date at the end of November. Most work has been done overnight, so road crews do not affect Beltline traffic. Even though the construction has impacted motorists over the summer, the DOT said the work is important to avoid future repairs. "We're getting to the final stages. We're hoping we can continue the production that we've seen and be done on time. We have had a lot of work done that is not easy to see what we've done, but it will help with the longevity of the pavement," said Brenda Schoenfeld, a project development supervisor with the DOT.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 21:18:01 GMT

Tickets available Friday for Obama, Burke campaign event

President Barack Obama will be in Milwaukee Tuesday for a grassroots campaign event Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke, according to a Burke campaign release. The event will be held at North Division High School in Milwaukee. Doors will open at 4 p.m. The event is free, and tickets are required to attend but do not guarantee entry, according to the release. Tickets will be available at seven field offices starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, and will continue to be given out during regular office hours until they are gone. Ticket distribution locations:North West Office: 6830 W. Villard Ave., Milwaukee Northside Office: 6522 W. Capitol Drive, MilwaukeeSouthside Office: 1200 S. Cesar Chavez Drive, MilwaukeeWest Allis Office: 1412 S. 73rd St., Milwaukee Racine Office: 345 Main St., RacineCudahy Office: 2461 S. St. Clair St., Milwaukee Madison Office: 2206 S. Park St., Madison

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 02:35:44 GMT

State representative cuts plea deal, remains in office

A state lawmaker has cut a plea deal on sexual assault charges, but is still in office. Rep. Bill Kramer, R-Waukesha, agreed to plead no contest to two misdemeanor sexual assault charges in Waukesha County Court Thursday morning. The plea may lead to jail time for the former state Assembly Majority Leader. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports a prosecutor will seek nine months in jail and three years of probation, while Kramer's attorney will seek no jail time. Kramer was charged with two felony counts after being accused of groping a woman following a Republican Party event in 2011. Those charges followed allegations of him sexually harassing a Capitol staffer and lobbyist at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., last February. The former Republican leader was stripped of his leadership position by his caucus in March, but continues to represent the 97th Assembly District. A legislative aide told News 3 Thursday that Kramer had not been to the Capitol since the allegations surfaced in February, and had not been in contact with his office staff "in some time." Staff referred questions to Kramer's attorney, who did not return phone calls on Thursday. Gov. Scott Walker and Republican leaders in the Assembly are calling for Kramer to resign. "I was one of the first people to say he should step down from the leadership position and subsequently said he should step down from the legislature," Walker told reporters at a Janesville event Thursday afternoon. "I just think there's no place in a position of public trust for someone who's done, in this case I used to say someone who has allegedly done this, and now he's acknowledged he's done this. I just don't think there's a place in public service for someone like that." The Journal Sentinel also reported Thursday that Kramer's attorney said he was struggling with alcohol and has been sober now for more than 200 days. News 3 requested records Thursday about whether Kramer has been drawing his paycheck and whether the investigation of a human resources complaint filed in the harassment case has been completed. We have not yet gotten a response to that request. Kramer will be sentenced in Waukesha County Court on Nov. 25.

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 01:16:49 GMT

Woman ruled competent in Wal-Mart shooting

A Neenah woman accused of shooting and wounding a co-worker at a Wal-Mart store has been declared competent to stand trial. Judge John Jorgenson ruled Thursday after two doctors found 48-year-old Justine Boyd competent. Boyd waived a preliminary hearing and then pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to attempted first-degree intentional homicide, according to online court records. The competency ruling means she is able to assist in her own defense. WLUK-TV reports Boyd is due back in court Dec. 1. No trial date has been set. Boyd is accused of shooting Sharon Goffard on Aug. 14, 2013, at the Neenah Wal-Mart where they both worked. According to the complaint, Boyd apparently was upset that Goffard got an easier position at work.

Published: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 00:54:40 GMT

Police seek help in case of starved dog

Police are asking for the public's help concerning the death of a dog found Tuesday in Beloit.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 20:00:42 GMT

UW band receives donation year after incident

The University of Wisconsin band has gotten a donation from a Detroit Lions player that was promised a year ago, band director Mike Leckrone said. It has been more than a year since Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola was caught mouthing off to UW band members. As part of an apology he claimed he made a significant contribution to the band. Leckrone said last week he had not seen a cent of that donation. Thursday, Leckrone confirmed the band received a substantial donation on Tuesday, but he would not disclose the amount.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 19:35:32 GMT

Boy says stranger offered him a ride

A 12-year-old Madison boy told police a stranger tried to entice him to get into his car Wednesday afternoon. The boy said he was walking along Milwaukee Street near Swanson Road at about 5:30 p.m when the stranger stopped his car across the street from him. The man offered the boy a ride, said he had money and that he knew the boy’s father. The boy said he ignored the man, and the man drove away. The stranger is described as white, in his 30s with a slender build, scruffy beard, shoulder length brown hair and glasses. He was driving an older sedan the boy described as “beat up,” possibly a tan Crown Victoria.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:44:31 GMT

Beloit heroin dealer sentenced to federal prison

A Beloit heroin dealer was sentenced to federal prison Thursday, according to a release. Jylon Turner, 21, was sentenced to 42 months in federal prison and a three-year term of supervised release for delivering heroin on April 2, officials said. Turner pleaded guilty to the charge on Aug. 6. In April, an informant told Beloit police that Turner was selling heroin, according to a release. The informant agreed to work with the police and make a controlled purchase of heroin from Turner. The informant purchased 0.513 grams of heroin from Turner on April 2, and 0.769 grams of heroin on April 3. The charge for the April 3 delivery was dismissed as part of a plea agreement, officials said. Turner is classified as a career offender because he has a prior felony conviction for burglary and for possession of THC with intent to deliver, according to the release. Turner was 16 years old when he was convicted for the THC charge. Because Turner fled from four state probation terms when he was selling heroin, the judge ordered the 42-month federal sentence to be served consecutively to the sentences he receives in Rock County for those four cases, according to the release.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 21:59:08 GMT

Dog-bite incident reported on north side

Public health officials are looking for information on a dog bite that happened on Madison’s north side Thursday, according to a release. The incident happened around 9 a.m. at the Demetral Field parking lot while a man was petting the dog, officials said. The dog is described as a brown and black pit bull mix, according to the release. Officials ask anyone with information on the incident to call 255-2345 and ask for the animal services officer.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 19:44:59 GMT

Ex-couple gets jail time in bookkeeping theft case

The ex-wife of a man accused of stealing $228,110 from a Mineral Point business will spend time in jail as a condition of probation. Tina Ross, 39, was sentenced Wednesday to six months in jail, restitution and community service as a condition of a three-year probation period. She pleaded no contest to five counts of party of the crime of theft from a business setting of more than $10,000. A criminal complaint states that Cory Ross, 44, of Mineral Point, worked as a bookkeeper at Ross Soil Service from 1990 until April 2012, and deposited checks made out to the business in his personal account. Ross told police the thefts started in 2005 when his then-wife, Tina Ross, had back surgery. He said their credit card debt was out of control. He told police the money was used to pay off their house, a camper and to go on trips and cruises. Ross told police he left Ross Soil Service in April 2012 because he felt bad, and leaving was the only way it was going to stop. Police were called to investigate in August 2012. Tina Ross said she didn’t know about the thefts until around the end of 2008 or beginning of 2009. The couple since divorced, according to court records. Cory Ross was sentenced in September to six months in jail, restitution, and community service as a condition of a six-month probation period. He pleaded no contest to five counts of theft from a business setting of more than $10,000.

Published: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 16:44:17 GMT